Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process whereby two persons resolve their disputes in court, in other words you are suing or being sued. Attorneys that practice in the area of civil litigation may also be referred to as "litigators" or "trial attorneys." Civil litigation lawyers represent their clients in court, mediation, arbitration, and administrative matters. Some of the matters that are addressed include:

A primary goal of attorney Jeffrey D. Poindexter is to keep you out of court if at all possible. Many times an expensive and unpleasant lawsuit can be avoided by consulting with a skilled attorney ahead of time. Chula Vista attorney Jeffrey D. Poindexter has been appearing in courts from Hawaii to Florida for nearly 18 years.

Should you find yourself being sued, or think you need to file an action yourself, Jeffrey D. Poindexter can help. Most frequently, after a brief consultation Mr. Poindexter can assess your situation and give you some options for proceeding further.

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