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The Basics of California Bankruptcy Laws

In its most basic form, California Bankruptcy Law is consumer protection law. It is a federal process which allows consumers to have their qualifying debts forgiven. The law recognizes that bad things sometimes happen to good people, and consumers sometimes simply do not have the ability to comply with creditor's repayment demands. California bankruptcy laws are based on forgiveness rather than punishment. Bankruptcy does not seek to deter or regulate certain behavior as other laws do; it simply recognizes that there are sometimes circumstances beyond the consumer's control which can only be addressed through the cancellation of debt.
Filing for bankruptcy puts into effect an automatic stay, which stops creditors from trying to collect any debt from you. The automatic stay immediately stops creditor phone calls, collection letters, wage garnishments, lawsuits, bank levies, and all other types of harassment, intimidation and scare tactics by creditors.

Once a bankruptcy case is successfully completed, the consumer receives discharge information from the Bankruptcy Court. A Discharge is a legal release from debts. Creditors are left with no legal cause to contact you or pursue debts listed in the bankruptcy documents.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated procedure and, therefore, it is wise to hire the services of a bankruptcy attorney. There are eligibility requirements that apply to each Chapter and the bankruptcy law regarding the scope of discharge is complex. The Chula Vista Law Office of Jeffrey D. Poindexter will advise you and help you choose the right options, making sure that you understand each and every aspect of the process.

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