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Do not make the mistake of thinking you cannot afford an attorney. Justice only for the wealthy is not justice.

If you retain Chula Vista attorney Jeffrey D. Poindexter, your fee agreement will be decided after considering the type of case and your unique situation. Here are some issues that will be considered in determining a fair fee agreement:

Free initial consultation

Your initial consultation with attorney Jeffrey D. Poindexter is always free. Whether you want to discuss bankruptcy, a dispute with a business partner, or have just been sued, you are welcome to stop by the Chula Vista office for a free consultation. Understand that free consultation does not continue for hours. At some point in time there will have to be an agreement on attorney fees.

No recovery unless you win

In some situations, not all, you may pay nothing unless you win your case. The attorney does not get paid unless you get paid.

The size of your case

Attorney Jeffrey D. Poindexter has been in enough court rooms to know the difference between a $10,000.00 case and a $100,000.00 case. The two are not handled the same, and therefore should not be billed the same.

Flat fees

Quite frequently, services can be provided on a flat fee basis. This is good for the client because it eliminates unexpected bills and allows working attorney fees into a client’s budget.

No nickel and diming

If you have hired an attorney in the past you may have been surprised to receive a bill for copies, faxes, postage, and brief phone conversations. If you are paying an attorney $250.00, you may be billed $60.00 for a ten minute conversa tion with your attorney. Some attorneys actually bill you for the stamp they put on the envelope with your bill inside. You will not receive this insulting treatment if you retain Jeffrey D. Poindexter. You have enough hidden fees in your phone and credit card bills; you do not need hidden fees and costs from your attorney.

Do not mistake the above as promises as to how your case will be billed. You can accept this as a promise that you will be treated fairly and with respect, and your fee agreement will be fair and reasonable for both you and your attorney.